7 steps to produce the life harvest you desire—Step 1

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Everything on the current landscape of your life is there because you either planted it or because you failed to remove what you allowed someone or something else to plant.

We don’t plant weeds in our garden—or life—intentionally. However, if we fail to remove them, we’re responsible for allowing them to flourish and exert their influence over what we intentionally planted.

Often the weeds reach a point where they take over and choke out the plants we wanted to grow.

Are the weeds in your life distracting you from the potential beauty of the landscape that could be on offer? Or have you become so familiar with them that you think they’re supposed to be there?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which areas of your garden (life) are producing fruit and just need to be nourished to continue?
  • Which areas merely need to be tidied up a little bit?
  • Which areas need to be pruned back to allow for new growth?
  • Which areas need to be ripped out and replanted?

Consider which areas are more, or less, important to you than others and use this as a guide to where you begin to make changes.

For instance, what behaviours, habits, thoughts, feelings or emotions have you become addicted to and allowed to keep you from being the person you need to be to achieve the goals you’ve previously set?

Here are some examples: Anger; fear; frustration; bitterness; resentment; ungrateful; victim; unworthy; sadness; conformity; envy; procrastination; selfish; stressed; over-worked; self-pity; self-loathing; bitter; judgemental; or self-centred to name a few.

These emotions form mental barriers, which are linked to past experiences and serve to remind us of who we think we are at a subconscious level. These are the weeds we need to identify and dig up, so our subconscious garden, and our life, can thrive.

Gillian Tilley is a Life and Investment Coach and a new contributor to RetireNotes.com.

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