7 steps to produce the life harvest you desire—Step 2

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Mark Twain once wrote: ‘The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.’ To gain the most out your life garden you need to have some understanding of the why. That’s where purpose is important.

Different areas of your life garden will have different purposes. That means they need to be planted and tended to in their own unique way to ensure your overall purpose is fulfilled.

One area may provide shelter, protection or shade from the elements, another may be an edible garden to provide food, yet another area may be to be admired for its beauty.

Identifying the purpose for each area will determine what to plant and how to tend it. There will be different areas in your life that will each have their own unique purpose and goals. And the clearer you are about your purpose, the more likely you’ll make choices to fulfil it.

That creates the opportunity to reach your goals faster because they should naturally fall in line with your purpose.

Purpose is about setting direction in life. Purpose is ongoing and, most likely, unchanging.

But it’s important to be clear about your purpose before attempting to set goals. Otherwise, you’re setting goals that are, ultimately, not aligned with your purpose. If that’s the case, you’re far less likely to achieve them.

Areas to consider and identify your purpose include: health/self-care; happy and harmonious relationships; spiritual growth; ongoing education; financial growth; career progression; social involvement; and creativity.

Reflect back on your ‘current landscape’ from part 1 and your level of satisfaction in each of these areas. What ones are more or less important, and which need to undergo the most change?

Gillian Tilley is a Life and Investment Coach and a new contributor to RetireNotes.com.

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