Bruce Manners

The aim of RetireNotes.com is to help you create your best retirement. And the short answer to what makes the best retirement is to make it a whole-of-life approach—it’s about much more than finances.

When I was asked to research and write a book about preparing for retirement all I knew was that you need to have enough money. The research—including talking to people in the industry—helped me discover that we need to take a much broader approach for retirement.

Retirement Ready? was published in 2016. As was my Kindle book, Refusing to Retire—the stories of people over the age of 70 who still work.

I started RetireNotes.com to keep visitors up to date with the latest research, expert opinion and helpful advice. Huge thanks to guest contributors who help achieve that.

About me

I retired at the end of 2014. My working life included time as: a commercial fisherman; a church pastor; and a magazine editor. Academically, I have a PhD (sociology). In retirement, I’ve been able to focus more on my writing and research—and taking up several interesting opportunities (including speaking opportunities and film-making).

We (Margie and I) live in Melbourne, Australia, a city regularly voted the most liveable in the world (no idea who assesses cities in that way, but we enjoy living here).

For international visitors 

G’day Mate (Translation: Hello, Friend)

While most posts will cross international borders, you’ll find some on this site that focus on retirement in Australia. That’s natural. However, I suspect there will be some universal principles in these posts as well.

Wherever you’re from, I hope you find the information helpful as you prepare for your retirement.


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