Have you discovered your life dream for retirement yet?

What are your dreams for retirement? A more important question is: What is your life dream? That’s about what you want to do but linked to how you want to live. In other words, who do you want to be in retirement?

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How serving smart can transform your life and retirement

There’s strong evidence that it’s ‘more blessed to give than receive’. But we need to learn how to give—or serve—smart. One large study in the United States showed that volunteering once a week increased people’s chances of being ‘very happy’ with their lives. That’s worth knowing—and having.

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Blue nomads and a different kind of cruising—’froozing’

Blue Nomads, or people who live for the sea experiences, are on the increase. However, for some retirees, it isn’t ‘cruising’ that’s of interest. It’s ‘froozing’ that captures their imagination—and time.

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Retire Notes