Will you be “shocked” into early retirement?

What could cause you to retire early? Four major ‘shocks’ have been found to cause early retirement for about a third (37%) of retirees according to Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research. The four are: health; employment; family; and financial. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other reasons, but these four were, statistically, way out in front.

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The advantages or not of retiring early—2

Sam Dogen retired at the age of 34—back in 2012. Having  $3 million in hand allowed him to have the financial freedom he needed. He tells of the benefits of early retirement he didn’t expect and the downsides of early retirement that ‘no one tells you about’. 

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The advantages or not of retiring early—1

‘I could have pursued aggressive saving, slashed expenses, and been financially able to retire sooner, but that’s not the path I chose, fortunately’.

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Retire Notes