David’s ‘vocation’ has kept him working past retirement

David Winter is a softly-spoken 81-year-old who has been working as a psychiatrist for more than 50 years. Actually, he doesn’t call what he does ‘work’—he sees it as a vocation.

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Robert Redford talks about retirement—at 80

In a 2015 interview, Robert Redford said, ‘You make the most of what you’ve been given—that’s how I see it.’ Then he added this thought about retirement. ‘And you keep pushing to make more of it. I don’t see any reason to stop. I think retirement can lead to death, and that’s not for me.’

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Thinking outside the square—creativity in retirement

When we—my husband, Owen and I—wrote the first edition of Where To Retire In Australia, one of the questions we asked in the various places was, ‘If you moved here, could you get full or part-time work, or establish a business or a profitable hobby?’ This led to another of our books, Retire Bizzi, which has 101 case studies of people around Australia who had retired and not liked it, or who had retired but wanted to do something different.

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Retire Notes