Have you discovered your life dream for retirement yet?

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What are your dreams for retirement? A more important question is: What is your life dream? That’s about what you want to do, but linked to how you want to live. In other words, who do you want to be in retirement?

Research about regret has found that the ‘most enduring regrets’ are more about ‘not becoming the person we wanted to be’ than about ‘the person we should have been, based on our duties and responsibilities’.

‘Not becoming the person we wanted to be’?

Imagine this: You’re 100 years of age and lying on your death bed. Realistic? It’s a possibility. What kind of life do you want to look back on for your retirement years? What kind of person do you want to have been between now and then?

Creating your life dream

Lior Zoref, the author of Mindsharing: The Art of Crowdsourcing Everything, has several thousand online followers (and a PhD in crowdsourcing!). He’s convinced that crowdsourcing, with enough people, provides wisdom. You’ll find his fascinating TED Talk here.

A few years ago, he asked his ‘crowd’ about how to best discover a life dream. Here are some answers, with the main take-away points highlighted:

  • A life dream is a specific, challenging goal that you aspire to achievein the future.
  • A life dream must be specific and well defined. Being happy or having a successful career is not specific enough.
  • A good life dream should be easy to measure. You have to know when it’s accomplished.
  • It should be challengingand hard to achieve. A good dream has to sound a bit crazy.
  • It should give value to others, as well as to you. It’s where your talent meets the needs of the world around you.
  • It should make you both inspired and scared. It’s something out of your comfort zone but with deep roots in your passion and talent.
  • When you think about making your dream come true, you should feel a sense of deep happiness and great achievement.
  • It should be your dream and not someone else’s. It’s not what others expect of you but what you expect of yourself.

There’s enough there to help us focus our thinking about our life dream for retirement.

Is it for retirement, though?

Why not? Retirement, in whatever form it will be for you, is there to be lived. This is the time of life when you have the most freedom to really live yourlife. To fully live your life—and your life dream.

When you look ahead to your retirement, what do you see? What’s your dream? Does it involve your passions? Your skills? Your family? Your . . . ?

Of course, you may have to adjust according to circumstances, but that doesn’t stop you dreaming.

‘Here’s the thing about dreams’, says Zoref. ‘They don’t go away. Once you hear the whisper of “Someday I want to . . .” or “I wish I could . . .” the seed has been planted and it just waits for the right time or the right impetus to take root and grow’.

Is there something whispering in your mind? Or are you yet to discover your life dream?

Bruce Manners: the author of Retirement Ready?, Refusing to Retire, and founder of RetireNotes.com

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