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‘You don’t retire from living, you retire to your passion.’ That’s a message from a current retiree. I recently came across several of these messages. My favourite ended with ‘I am finally me’.

A survey of more than 2000 retirees in the US included comments from retirees that could be helpful for your retirement planning. Check these out:

‘Retirement to me is about giving back, and I’m doing that in my volunteering as a mentor.’

‘Expect a period of missing the activities and interaction with people at work.’

‘Learn a musical instrument or get involved in hobbies to be ready for a change in lifestyle from an 8 to 5 job.’

‘Start planning earlier, take advantage of all resources available and remember that you cannot control everything. Allow for unexpected events with contingency plans.’

‘Try to ease into retirement. I consulted half-time for one year and quarter-time for another year.’

‘Know your precise monthly retirement income. Be realistic about the lifestyle that income will support, and begin to ease into it 18 months before retirement.’

‘We must keep inventing our lives as we age. The life I imagined when I first retired is no longer possible after 20 years, so I have changed my priorities.’

‘Do not wait until you have enough retirement money to live in luxury. Retirement itself is a luxury.’

‘I have come to realise how essential social relationships are, and how important it is to pursue and develop relationships with people.’

‘I was excited for retirement. Twelve years later, I am still excited, feel healthy, and have big plans.’

‘There is nothing like feeling financially secure to enjoy retirement.’

‘I now live a more deliberate, thoughtful life. I can begin to relax a bit now, and my physical, mental, and emotional health are much better. I am finally me.’

Did any of these help you? Why not let me know below?

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